Flight Operations

WPS gives you Efficiency

WPS S.A. meets all the standards and qualifications required by the local authority to provide Complementary Aviation services. We rely on our highly qualified staff to provide an optimal service to all our customers.

Our staff is bilingual and certified by the DGAC and the FAA they are also qualified to provide assistance on the many aircraft that operate within our country in both cargo and passenger flights. We have experience handling a great variety of operations, included but not limited to:

  • Itinerary Flights
  • Charter Flights
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Private operations
  • General Aviation

Amongst others.

Dispatch Services

WPS S.A. has more than 33 years of experience and the right staff to offer its clients flight safety.


Flight Planning

It consists in creating and filing a Flight plan, obtaining performance data and fuel consumption, and charting a flight route that is subsequently going to be followed by the Flight crew after departure based on weather and runway conditions specific for each flight.

Cargo Loading

It refers to the elaboration of both Load Sheet and Weight and balance reports, as well as verifying the proper loading of an aircraft while it remains at the ramp. It’s a Flight Dispatcher duty to verify that an aircraft’s weight and center of gravity are within the allowed limits before departure.


Ramp Operations Management

We verify that all the services required for an aircraft’s turn around procedure are present on a timely manner, always with the goal of meeting stablished schedules as our center.

Amongst the many services that must be coordinated we handle:

  • Fuel Supply according to the operational requirements.
  • Cargo loading according to W&B and Load Sheet reports.
  • Ramp safety protocols.
  • Aircraft ramp position assignment.
  • Local authority representation.

WPS S.A. also offers assistance in:

Fly-by and Landing Permits processing

Our operations department offers an important support for local and international airlines that are looking to obtain the permits required by the local authority to operate within Ecuador. We guarantee a successful operation.

Fuel supply

We can provide fuel to any airline that might require it within the main local airports.